Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Day Three Part Three: Buying Necessities at E-Mart

Korea has E-Mart and not Wal-Mart. But they are basically the same.  The  major difference is that E-Mart has a lot more of each category of stuff and the store is 5 levels high! It has escalators and elevators. I think it is awesome. I felt like a kid in there! Oh my gosh! All of the choices of candy and snacks and hello kitty pajama’s! Hello!!! Hello Kitty Pajamas! Yeah. It was that cool. My Sungshin Buddy picked me up at school and we walked to the Metro together and took off to the land of E-Mart. There were tons of people shopping there that day. I don’t know if thats because it was a Saturday or if E-Mart is just that Awesome, but I had a blast. Did I mention that the prices are dirt cheap? Yeah I got a whole pack of Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash for just 15 U.S. Dollars! Here take a look at a pic of it. Okay, so if you noticed the small English font that says “Anti Aging”, well do not be alarmed. If you ever plan on coming to Korea you should keep in mind that most Asians have very dry hair and that the water that comes out of the faucet has lots of iron in it. This combination means that most Korean Shampoos and Conditioners are going to be:
a.) Moisterizing
b.) Anti-Balding
c.) Oil Conditioned

Now, me personally, I have naturally oily hair. So, I have to wash my hair every night to keep it silky. I don’t even need conditioner because the oil gets smoothed down to the lower parts of my hair with a brush or comb. So, here I was in this awesome magical grocery/all stuff ever store and I DONT want moisterizing shampoo. Oh geez, that was hard. Well,  not really, my buddy Da Young was able to ask the sales woman (which they have in every section of the awesome E-Mart and yes they give free samples to lure you in ; ) 
It was just funny because the only shampoo that got rid of oily hair was the Anti-Aging hair. Now, to me, that is just weird. I mean, isn’t it pretty much common knowledge in the  US that teenagers are just plain oily? It could be our diet, but it’s not like I eat fried foods every day. So, what ever, I am the old teenager here and proud of it. “Yeh? Whad you say Sonny?” JK JK. The shop keeper was really glad that I bought the shampoo that she helped me find, but she was also kind of giggling because of my diagnosis....old. haha. Anyways, she did give me awesome FREE samples. (yes, I am Scottish...we love free what? haha) 
She gave me Body wash and a small bottle of shampoo as a gift. It was quite nice. hehe.... hehe....

Onto the towels, because remember what I didn’t have when I got here? Yeah. Towels. I got a simple soft lavender set that I quite enjoy. I would have preferred Turquoise or Aqua Marine, but alas, it is better than drying off with a sheet. “What?! What nutcase would do that?” ...uh hem....yeah. So...

I got face wash, a much needed pillow, and some tooth paste. During our journey to the Land of E, I saw four different groups of foreigners just like me. It was rather odd because I usually don’t see any. Da Young agreed and said she hadn’t seen any since she came here last year. (What?.....”You must be a foreigner magnet.”) Quote from Da Young. Idk, but it was really weird for me too, even though I am technically the alien here. I saw two really tall European guys in the rodent section. Two really tall African Americans in the wine section. A whity Mc. White-White getting of the Subway. And a family of three at a Korean restaraunt five minutes away from my dorm. None of them were really approachable at that time and besides I am here to learn Korean, so I didn’t think it was really a good idea to like introduce myself to them. They all seemed to have their own thing going on- like me.  I will most definitely go back to E-Mart when we move into our Apartment, so for now I won't be able to post any pictures of it, but I definitely will later (나중에 ) 


  1. Child! What are you doing? Please stay safe and maybe you can let us know what time it is where you are when you post.

  2. Hope you get into your apartment soon! Sounds like you have made some life long friends (no easy feat), when do classes begin? What will you be taking? I'm sure you will post about those too...keep safe, stay smart (street that is) and stay in touch with family. We keep you in our daily prayers sweetpea!

  3. Don't worry. I am careful. I even have pepper spray. lol. I usually post my blogs right before I go to sleep. I am in my apartment now and am enjoying it here. We have one bedroom where my roomies and I share bunk beds (two bunks, four beds total) We have one bathroom and a living room/kitchen. Seoul is very safe except for car accidents, but I rarely am in a car. I always take the subway. Anyways, I will try to post more often, but because I have seven classes I am very busy studying. I just don't post about that because frankly it would be very boring. Thanks for your prayers! I always appreciate them. : )