Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day Three Part Four:

My new roomies are quite adventurous. When I got back they suggested that we go out to Korean BBQ for dinner. Nadeia, being the crazy awesome chiqua she is suggested that we drink Soju. Nadeia is a great person to have around. She always keeps us laughing. Nadeia,  What's-her-name and I took like two hours getting ready and headed out into the night. Three 5’ 2” , American, brown haired, brown eyed girls, strolling down the sparkling streets to the restaurant. It was a traditionally styled house, with wooden beams, and wooden seats. We sat down and ordered Korean beef and a famous spicy soup called Jajungmyun. It is really good and consists of onions, potatoes, chili paste, meat, and some "other stuff." Of course we had plenty of side dishes (Panchan) kimchi, spicy bean sprouts, lettuce, and sea weed soup. We ate, drank, and laughed until our sides hurt and we had to walk it off. It was a cool night with a slight breeze that made the scenery just so much nicer. On the way back to the dorm we stopped by some cute boutiques called Etude and Olive. They were having a huge sale on facial wash, body wash, and makeup. I got some really cool thing called a Jelly Sponge. It is so neat. It is a spherical sponge that literally feels like a jelly fish! Awesome 대박!!!  It has soap in it too so you don’t have to put your own face wash on it, it already has it inside. Sweet. Yup. I love using it. I am waiting for the moment when I can say, “Hold on, I need to go jelly my face.”  Yup.  When we were dead beat from a long day and lots on our minds we decided to head home and hit the hay.
I definitely enjoyed sleeping with a pillow! ‘nuff said’

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