Saturday, August 25, 2012

Okay guys. Today is now my second day in Korea and sure enough, I have plenty to write about for today, but I should definitely fill you in on my flight and first day. 

Flight:  It was a very standard flight. The plane took off promptly at 1:35 pm Eastern Time and arrived at Incheon International Airport at 4:55 pm on August 24. When I first got on the plane it was, naturally, a crowded tangle getting to my seat, but I did finally manage. And would you believe it, (he hem...PAUL) I got to sit next to an old halmoni just like I wanted to. So, for those of you that don't know. My neighbors, my family, and I made a bet on what type of person I would sit next to on the plane. 
a.) Nice Korean Girl around my age
b.) Hot Korean Guy - a little older than me
c.) 할몬니 Grandmother (Halmoni) 


Anyways, it was a neat flight, there was a great movie, video game, tv-show, news, and music selection for me to choose from and it was all on demand. I even got my own video game controller!  However, I only played Sudoku because I am geeky like that. Ha ha. 

I made sure to get up and walk every hour to keep my blood flowing and muscles from cramping...MOM.  I love you (xoxo). I drank plenty of water (물) and pumped my feet every twenty minutes. Ugh....I think the Halmoni must have thought I was either ADHD  or had Tourettes' syndrome
The food was pretty good. I mean if I had to give it a star from one to five it would get a three, so thats not bad. I had Mixed Rice (비빔밥 ) for lunch and some yucky boiled chicken gunk for dinner.  I guess it makes sense that the Korean food would taste better than the American food on a Korean Airline.

The most impressive thing about my flight though was the staff. They were so friendly and helpful!  I have flown internationally before, once on United and once on Lufthansa, and let me tell you they didn't even compare in the level of hospitality that the Koreans showed me. They were always coming by to ask if I needed something (and no I didn't push that annoying little button a million times.) One time, when I was chatting with some Americans in the back, the host brought us brownies and a choice of tea or coffee for us, without even asking! We (the Americans and I) were all very impressed by this and enjoyed a lovely conversation over drinks while we looked over the Eastern Sea and Coast line of North Korea. No, we didn't fly over North Korea, though I actually would have liked very much to see it from a direct aerial point of view. However, I did get to see part of China and much of Russia from above. The gorgeous mountains, the icy snow caps, the little rows of farms and houses. Overall, it was very charming.

I didn't feel tired when I got off the flight, despite only having slept four hours. I guess the adrenaline just kept me going. I found my exchange program buddy at the airport easily.  She had printed out a nice sign that said, "성신 힉교" (Sungshin University) and "CATHERINE FORRESTER" clearly printed out on a nice piece of white paper. She helped me cart the four, crazy,  HUGE suitcases that my mom and I packed. She got us bus tickets to the nearest bus stop near Sungshin, and then.....when we got off the bus, she helped me lug those suckers up two miles of hills to the Campus dormitory.  We were so exhausted when we finally got there that beads of sweat were dripping off our foreheads and oh...our arms were so sore!  In fact, they are still so sore right now that it hurts to type. Yeah, I am serious. I am not a weakling or anything like that. I mean,  I work out and play soccer, swim, dance, etc....but my arms- oh they ache. I feel so bad for my exchange buddy (Da Young 다영). I hope her arms aren't too sore today. Oh boy! Well, I didn't plan to go into any post-flight story yet, but don't worry there will be plenty of drama left for me to write about later, some good, some not so good, but like I said 나중에.  Later. 

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