Sunday, August 26, 2012

Well, my third day in Korea 한국 was much more peaceful and productive. I woke up at 6:30 am Korea Time ( so about 5:30 pm in Virginia USA) I quietly crept from my bunk above Zerine and snuck into the bathroom with my toiletries from the US. I know from previous experience that I am not capable of being quite in the wee hours of the morning, so I stretched and did some workouts in the lounge for about an hour or so. When I got bored, I decided to change and go for a morning stroll and maybe find a place for breakfast 아 침 식 사. It was 7:30 am when I walked down stairs and greeted the very kind old security guard. 
ME: 안 녕 이 주믓새요. Annyongee Jumusayo. Good Morning. 
Ajussi (Elder Man) :  Ne. Anyongegayseyo. 내. 안녕이가새요. 

The Ajussi pushed the button and the door opened to a beautiful crisp morning. I greeted the guards at the gate as I walked down the campus hill and was ready for some delicious coffee or a traditional Korean Breakfast. Da dun. Dun........

I made a video on my phone, but for some reason it says that it was erased from my SD card! I am so upset. I took alot of pictures with my phone. Ugg. I will have to start taking more with my Camera. mmmmm....sad. I will take more though of the same places today if I can. uggg....Here I go again. 

Well.....Nothing is open at 7:30 am in Seoul. I walked....and walked....and WALKED...and cigar. It wasn’t until I came back that the Ajussi told me that breakfast doesn’t open until 9:00 am. What! I was hungry. Man. Yeah. That stinks. So I thought, ‘ Okay, my room mates should be up in an hour. We can go out and get breakfast together.’ Nope. They sleep in pretty late. So, I just chilled out in the room, trying, (but failing miserably) to be quiet. At 1 pm. I begged my roomies to show me where to get some grub. My stomach was like a washing machine/ machine gun. Dang. I have never heard it talk like that before. If stomachs had a language, my stomach would have totally been cussing me out. 

Stomach: “Give me some food chica! You little ..... chick! “ 

Yeah. So, remember guys. Unless you have an apartment with a kitchen and plenty of food to cook in the fridge, when you come to Seoul....nothing opens till NINE !!!

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