Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day Three Part Two: Brunch 

So what did I do after my room mates got up? Well, I asked them to show me a place where I could get some breakfast. So we took a stroll down Dongseongdong past little boutiques and street carts to a place called Paris Baguette. Now, according to Nadeia and Zerine, Paris Baguette is quite popular in New York. However, me being from Northern VA, I am more used to Shilla Bakery. We went in and enjoyed not only the saturating aroma of freshly baked bread, but the ever so subtle smell of coffee brewing in the back. I chose a plain piece of bread that wouldn't be to sweet. I didn’t really want a sweet breakfast, but seeing as it was that or the sausage pizza bagel that my friend Nadeia got, I chose plain. Mmm...It was delicious (맛 있어요.) Oh. Whats that now? ....cream? Yuck. FTOYWDKM. (For those of you who don’t know me) I’m really not a boston cream donut kind of girl. I mean when it come to donuts, I like toasted coconut or chocolate frosted. But cream, bleck! So, what to do, when you pay for a delicious pastry? Well, the outside was fine, so I took my tissue and wiped out the cream. ‘Yeah. Thats much better.’ We drank orange juice with our sweets and then headed out. I must say, for not having any thing to eat since 5:30 in the morning, I really wasn’t satisfied by that pastry. I would prefer a nice traditional Korean Breakfast of soup, kimchi, and rice. However, it was very sweet of my roomies to take me out and show me around. From then on, I knew all the places I could go for breakfast (after nine) lol ; )   Don’t let the pictures make you too hungry. lol


  1. I saw this on the internet when I was looking at a map of Seoul!